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Ball 1 Leg Knee Drive

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  Primary Muscle Group: Rectus Abdominis

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Rectus Abdominis and Obliques

Preparation: Place hands firmly on a stability ball about shoulder width apart as you lean forward with your body fully extended and supported by your feet and hands. You will be in a diagonal pushup position, leaning forward.

Breathing: Breath out on the contraction of the muscle and breath back in on the way back to the start position.

Execution: Once balanced in the extended position, drive your left knee upwards towards your chest and squeeze your core muscle group. Repeat and then switch legs.

Here are a few suggested alternative exercises:

  • Ball Bottoms-Up
  • Ball Bridge Lift
  • Ball Deadlift
  • Side Lying Scissors
  • Step Ups on Bench
  • PowerBlock Dumbbells