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My Fresh Balance Diet Plan

A Complete & Balanced Weight Loss Solution

My Fresh Balance Diet Plan

So They Say.........
'You Are What You Eat'

So What Does That Really Mean When
Designing & Building
A Weight Loss, Healthy Meal or Diet Plan?

When creating the Best Overall Diet Program and Weight Loss Solution, we first had to research several of the world's famous Weight Loss Programs and Diet Plans being used today or that have come and gone like your Weight Loss and Weight Gain over the last several years.

And like most of these Weight loss or diet plans, we found things that made these diet programs great and we also realized that some of the core values and philosophies of these diet plans just flat out do not provide what we believe are the important fundamentals of any long term Weight Loss Program that puts your health as the number one priority.

So when you look at our My Fresh Balance Diet Plan, you will quickly begin to realize why we chose not to build a cookie cutter Weight Loss Program, because we know that
'One Size Does Not Fit All' when it comes to losing weight and reducing your body fat percentage in a healthy long term way.

We really focused on providing YOU, or Weight Loss Client with a diet plan that delivers complete and balanced nutrition to help support natural permanent weight loss and body fat reduction.

Introducing Your Complete and Balanced
Diet Plan & Weight Loss Solution..............

My Fresh Balance Diet Plan

Your Complete and Balanced Healthy Diet Plan that is guaranteed to help you Burn Fat, Build Muscle and Lose All the Weight you want So you can live a healthy, fit and happy life.

My Fresh Balance Diet Plan was Built around
Chef Created and Designed Fresh Whole Natural Food Recipes that are
Complete and Balanced in Nutrition.

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My Fresh Balance Diet Plan

What are the core fundamentals of the
My Fresh Balance Diet Plan?

' Eat 5-6 small meals Per Day ' it's very important to provide your body the opportunity to metabolize your meals in small bites so that you can feed your body with a steady stream of energy and nutrients that help support your daily lifestyle of fitness or health activities.

' Reduce your Daily Sugar Intake - we should all realize by now that sugar in its natural state, in fruit juices, or in hidden forms like high fructose corn syrup or other added sweeteners, are really driving some of the on-going obesity problem in the world today.
Keeping your Daily caloric intake of all forms of sugar low, helps support a sound and quality fresh balance diet plan. It's crucial that blood sugars remain balanced throughout the day and high sugar diets will spike your blood sugar levels and not support a life long weight loss or diet plan. Eating lots of Sugar can just flat out help you store all these empty calories as fat on your body.

' Eat every 2-3 hours - keeps blood sugar in check during the day and also helps rev up your metabolism to burn more energy. Never allow your body to go hungry for quality energy or when you do eat, your blood sugar while spike or if you wait too long between meals, your blood sugars will drop to very low levels.

' Consume low or Zero calorie beverages ' Save your calories for high quality fresh wholesome food products and make your daily liquid intake low or NO Calories.

My Fresh Balance Diet Plan Smart ZERO Calorie Beverage Choices:

* Regular or Decaffeinated Coffee - Hold the Sugar and Watch the Fat with your Creamer for your coffee.

* Green Tea or other high quality Tea - served hot or iced - Served with NO Sugar or sweetened with Stevia or Splenda.

* Bottled or Filtered water - Drink at least 64 oz per day

* Diet Soda in limited quantities - (Splenda Sweetened Preferred)

* Crystal Light Type Zero or Low Calorie Beverages

' Eat Vegetables with every meal ' Good quality high fiber nutrient dense dark colored vegetables should be at the core of every high quality diet plan and My Fresh Balance Diet Plan focuses on making vegetables a core fundamental in our complete and balanced diet program.

Focus on Dark Green & Colorful nutrient dense vegetables that are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

* Broccoli, Broccolini & Broccoli Rabe

* Spinach or other Dark leafy Greens ' Like Turnip or Mustard Greens

* Asparagus

* Green Beans

* Brussel Sprouts

* Tomatoes ' in all forms ' Plum, Grape, Cherry and Vine Grown

* Sweet Potatoes or Yams ' Post Training Meals Only

* Peppers ' Think Color Red, Yellow, Orange, and Green

* Onions and Garlic ' an excellent flavor enhancer and main ingredient to many recipes.

' Eat Carbohydrates with Targeted Timing ' It's very important to realize that carbohydrate timing is a crucial part of every My Fresh Balance Diet Plan, since your body best receives and metabolizes starchy carbs after a cardio or resistance training workout.

My Fresh Balance Diet Plan Smart Choices
for Starchy Carbs after a Fitness or Cardio Training Workout:

* Whole grains like Brown or Wild Rice and Quinoa ' The Super Grain

* Sweet Potatoes or Yams

* Whole Grain 100% Whole Wheat Flour based products that are used in breads, Pancake Mixes, etc.

* Whole Oats ' like Oat Bran or Oatmeal

* Beans and Legumes ' Like Black Beans, Lentils or Kidney Beans

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Built with Chef Created Whole natural Food Recipes that are designed with Complete and Balanced Nutrition.

' Eat a Lean Complete Protein with every meal ' a high quality lean protein source is crucial in helping balance your diet plan out and provide an important protein energy source for each of your meals.
' You should consume certain amounts of protein - 20 grams (80 calories) if you're a woman or 40 grams (160 calories) - if you are a man at every meal.

My Fresh Balance Diet Plan lean protein choices:

* Salmon or Albacore tuna - high in two kinds of omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) ' Focus on eating Wild Caught and Not Farm Raised Fish

* Scallops, Shrimp, Clams and Crabmeat ' High in protein and low in fat

* Lean Chicken or Turkey Breast ' Unprocessed organic is the best

* Lean Ground Beef ' at least 94% lean

* Lean Cuts of Beef ' grass fed organic variety if possible

* Lean Veal Cuts of meat ' Naturally Lean - organic if possible

* Buffalo or Bison ' Naturally Lean - grown organic if possible

* Game Animals ' grown organic ' Rabbits or game birds except Duck

* Egg Whites or Egg Substitute made from whites
* Eggs Organic and Omega 3 Rich ' fed with Flax meal ' mix with egg whites for your meals

* Low Fat Dairy products that include ' 1% unsweetened yogurt or cottage cheese or low, reduced or non fat cheeses.

* Supplements from Protein Powders ' this should include 100% whey proteins as well as casein and other protein blends.

' Eat Healthy Fats balanced within your diet plan ' it is essential to blend in to all your meals some form of healthy fats to support your Fresh Balance Diet Plan. Focus on a blend of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats throughout your daily fresh balance meal plan.

My Fresh Balance Diet Plan Healthy fat choices:

* Olive Oil ' monounsaturated

* Avocados ' high in fiber and good quality monounsaturated fats

* Flax seeds Ground or Flax Oil ' Excellent heart healthy fats and High in Omega 3 Fatty acids ' great polyunsaturated fat

* Light Butter ' Half the Fat and Cholesterol of Regular Butter

* Peanut Butter ' Smart Balance Natural is an excellent choice since it has flax seed oil added to improve the healthy fat content and has NO Refined Sugar Added.

* Fish Oil and Fish Oil Supplements ' High in Omega 3 Fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

* Nuts ' excellent choices are Almonds with skin raw and unsalted, walnuts, and pecans all of these are monounsaturated fats.

** Nuts are very calorie dense so keep your daily portions in check and watch your daily caloric intake from nut sources **

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Built with Chef Created Whole natural Food Recipes that are designed with Complete and Balanced Nutrition.

' Eat Natural Whole Fruits throughout the Day - there is nothing better to incorporate into your meals or as a mid day snack than a piece of nutrient dense fruit from its most natural state.
** Note: Fruit Juices Should be Restricted**

Very high in natural sugars that will spike your insulin production and increase your blood sugar soon after consumption. You should eliminate any/and all fruit juices from your My Fresh Balance Diet Plan.

My Fresh Balance Diet Plan whole natural fruit choices:

* Berries ' Black, Rasp, Blue, or Strawberries ' This excellent natural fruits are great in a bowl by themselves or incorporated into a dessert favorite. High in antioxidants the darker the better when it comes to the berry family. Recent USDA studies show that Wild Blueberries deliver a potent antioxidant punch ' in fact they have the highest antioxidant capacity per serving, compared with more than 20 other fruits.

* Apples with the skin ' High in fiber and excellent on their own, with some peanut butter as a mid day snack or as an ingredient for dessert or your favorite lean protein dish. Scientific Researchers are discovering new reasons to eat 'An Apple a Day.' Phytochemicals found in Apples may fight some types of cancers, help reduce cholesterol damage and promote healthy lungs.

* Oranges ' from the natural state - Most people know that citrus fruit provides vitamin C, but many are not aware that citrus can help control appetite, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, lower cholesterol levels and protect the body against diseases...all thanks to the fruit's unique nutrient profile.

* Grapefruit ' from the natural state - 'Grapefruit packs in lots of nutritional goodies, supplying a heaping dose of vitamin C, folic acid, and potassium ' all of which protect your heart,' says Dr. Barry Sears in his book The Top 100 Zone Foods. 'Pink grapefruit is relatively rich in anti-oxidants, and ruby red grapefruit provides an added bonus: lycopene, the phytochemical that helps prevent the 'bad' (LDL) cholesterol from oxidizing and damaging artery walls.'

* Kiwi ' is the most nutrient dense of all the major fruits. Many people already know that kiwifruit is packed with more vitamin C than an orange.

* Mango - One medium mango, about 10 1/2 oz., is a mighty impressive, self-contained package of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that only packs 135 calories. Like most fruits, the mango is low in protein, about 1 gram for a medium size, but you can certainly benefit from its 3.7 grams of fiber.

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Built with Chef Created Whole natural Food Recipes that are designed with Complete and Balanced Nutrition.

' Eat Whole Foods from their Most Natural State ' we realize that most people live an extremely busy lifestyle today and that convenience especially when it comes to fast food and fully prepared selections have exploded in terms of consumption in today's food choices. We also know that the obesity levels in young people today are on an epidemic rise as we continue to search for faster, quicker ways to feed our bodies on a daily basis.

* We need to get back to the basics ' simple nutrient dense natural foods are the best road to travel for fitness and health

* We are what we eat ' If you eat from a box then you might get a shape like a box.

* We need to plan and prepare in advance ' Build a meal plan road map to success

* Eating food from their most natural - from ground to mouth state is the best most nutritious and healthy way to eat

* Have a Meal Planning Strategy in place ' Plan your meals and work your meal plan

* Have a Shopping Strategy in Place ' Work the perimeter of the store

' Variety is the Spice of Life ' Yes we need to eat whole foods from the most natural state, but we must also select a broad base of foods to help provide complete and balanced nutrition.

* Macronutrient Balance ' Carbs, Fats and Proteins ' all supporting each other in the right balance

* Micronutrients ' Getting those complete vitamins and minerals that are vital to our long term health.

* Supplement to fill in ' Yes even a fresh balanced meal plan needs to get support from a strategic supplementation program.

Use Protein Supplements ' when time is not on your side, you live a busy lifestyle and you need to keep your protein and other nutrient intake up.

Take a good quality Multi-vitamin - daily to fill in those nutrient gaps from your meal plan

Fish Oil Supplementation ' it is tough to get enough Omega 3 Fatty acids in a diet and it's important for weight loss and healthy living to use a good quality fish oil supplement that will provide you with those all important EFA in your diet.

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Built with Chef Created Whole natural Food Recipes that are designed with Complete and Balanced Nutrition.

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