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Pilates Resistance Tubing Set
The Pilates Resistance Tubing Set with Handles comes with 3 sets of stretch tubing, for light, medium and heavy resistance levels. The handles mechanism allows you to interchange the varied levels of tubing. Cushioned handles for comfort fit and adjustability. Increase muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Shape arms and shoulders, tighten legs, tone abs, and build muscle without bulk. Lightweight and portable, take it anywhere!

The soft foam covered, flexible handles allow for a great range of motion. Work unilaterally and bilaterally. The stretch tubing provides a comfortable, low impact resistance for upper, lower and core muscle workouts. Handles can be slipped over your hands, feet or ankles for versatility in your exercise program.
Tone and strengthen the entire body
Adjustable tubing
Foam covered handles
Shape arms and shoulders, tighten legs, tone abs
Build muscle without bulk
Set Includes All 3 Resistance Tubes:
Includes fitness guide
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