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If you are looking to improve your skills and jump higher, run faster and move quicker, then our 6 Week Sports Specific Fitness Plan is the Perfect Fitness Solution.

Your Sports Specific Fitness Training Plan begins with three days of balanced Sports Resistance Training to develop your muscles to perform better with your favorite sport.

Select a Sports Specific Training Program that supports your Fitness Goals all year long:

  Off Season - Phase 1
  Pre Season - Phase 2
  In Season - Phase 3

On Sports Specific Training days, you will focus on working specific Muscle Groups (Legs, Chest, Back, Shoulders and Abdominals) that support improving your performance level in your favorite sport.

In our Sports Specific Plans, you will get maximum results with exercises such as Squat Jump, which work multiple muscle groups at one time. Click Here to see how Squat Jump is done.

We don't stop though with just resistance training with this complete personal 6 Week Sports Specific Fitness Plan. You will also spend two days of the week engaged in High Intensity Interval Cardio Training to round out your Sports Fitness Plan, which will help burn fat as you expose and build muscle to improve your Sports Specific performance.

So get ready to build a new Sports Fitness Body with one of our complete Sports Specific 6 Week Fitness Plans, and build a body that runs faster, moves quicker and performs better to help you reach your Sports Fitness Goals for life.

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