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Cable Side Extension

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  Position body so cable is at the side of your body. Stand in good body alignment (abs tight, chest up, back straight) with feet in comfortable position. Grip handle (top pulley) and position upper-arm perpendicular to the floor. Keep opposite arm stationary. In a controlled motion, keeping upper arm perpendicular to the floor, extend weight down, crossing the body. Contract triceps fully, without compromising form. While maintaining the controlled motion, return weight to starting position. Do not allow muscles to relax before next repetition.

Here are a few suggested alternative exercises:

  • Ball Band French Curl
  • Ball Band Triceps KickBack
  • Band KickBacks
  • Band Overhead Extension
  • Band Tricep Extension
  • Close Grip Bench Press - Barbell
  • Close Grip Dumbbell Press
  • Decline Dumbbell Close Grip
  • Dips - Machine
  • Dumbbell Lying Extension
  • Tricep Extension - Hammer Strength
  • PowerBlock Dumbbells