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Ball Single Leg Supine Bridge

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  Primary Muscle Group: Glutes, Hamstrings

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps and Rectus Abdominis

Preparation: Position your upper torso on a stability ball with your head, shoulders and back resting on the ball in a straight position. Your legs should be bent 90 degrees at the knees with your feet positioned on the floor. Position arms bent and placed just below your lower back providing balance.

Breathing: Breath out on the contraction of the muscle and breath back in on the way back to the start position.

Execution: Begin the exercise movement by lifting your one leg off the floor and extending it straight out and pointing your toes outward. Stay balanced and hold for one second and then alternate between legs during the exercise movement.

Here are a few suggested alternative exercises:

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