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Ball Dumbbell Pullover

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  Primary Muscle Group: Chest - Pectoralis Major

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major, Triceps, Long Head, Deltoid, Posterior, Pectoralis Minor, Rhomboids and Levator Scapulae

Preparation: Sit in an upright position on a stability ball with feet flat on floor while holding a single dumbbell in both hands. Walk feet forward allowing the stability ball to roll underneath of your body until it is postioned on the middle to upper part of your back region. Rest head on stability ball. Raise your hips to create a straight surface parallel to the floor. Place Dumbbell on chest with handle perpendicular to your chest.

Breathing: Inhale and lower the dumbbell and exhale as you start the move upward to the starting position.

Execution: Extend your elbows and raise the dumbbell even with your eyeline. With your elbows slightly bent, lower the dumbbell back even to slightly below your head level. Return to the starting position. Keep both feet flat on the floor at all times and keep your lower back in a neutral position. Do not lock out your elbows or arch your back which may cause injury.

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