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How to start an online personal trainer business

In 2013, it was reported that a number of business are hiring experts to create an e-commerce site. During the first three months of that year, the e-commerce industry grown by as much as 13%. Matt Barrie, the CEO of ‘’ said “Retail outlets are proving incapable of adjusting to a consumer base that is no longer geographically captive. Ecommerce is dominating the consumer retail landscape”. Companies are now placing emphasis towards online methodologies for payments, marketing and communication. One industry that has successfully adopted the practices of online marketing is the fitness industry.  Social media columnist Evie Carrick, from ‘CheatSheet’, said “Social Media provides a stream of content information for those starting a fitness, weight loss or health change. When someone wants health related information the Internet is the go to source leading more hospitals and health care professionals to participate in social media”. Personal Trainer companies such as Origym are also offering online alternative for their courses because there is a demand and market. As well as this, more industry leaders are adopting the practice of informal communication through online platforms. This is because fitness is also accessible to more people because there are no pre-requisites requirements for exercising. An individual can decide whether to exercise or not. They can also decide what the want to do and how long they want to do it.  This is only one of the many reasons why the fitness industry is over-developing.

Due to the mutual benefits between online platforms and fitness content, fitness professionals are using online platforms for sales, marketing and communication. Most of the online methodology used by fitness professional is free. It is cost effective while being affective and if you are not already using online platforms as the main source of your companies assets, you should reconsider. Here are some points on how to start an online personal trainer business.

The main three ways to grow your personal trainer business is by:

  • Get more clients
  • Charge more per session
  • Have your clients pay more frequently

Now by increasing your number of clients, number of sessions and cost per session, you will improve your financial position. However, there are many more ways to improve an online business. Contemporary business is not so one-dimensional. If you want to be a successful personal trainer, you should exploit online resources. This is because it is the most effective way to reach a large audience. You can develop a website, social media and video content for a profit. When you begin using online platforms you should target:

  • Relevant markets
  • Website traffic
  • Online content
  • User communication

By implementing these into your online strategy you are more liable to online engagement. This can lead to sales and brand awareness. Here are some other points to consider when becoming an online personal trainer.


Create engaging content

This is a must do for me because customers want to be engaged. For instance, many personal trainers develop video tutorials for YouTube. Developing these videos is free of charge and people are more likely to share a video on social media.  If you have any writing credentials you could write a blog that shares fitness tips, nutrition tips or personal stories. You can choose what content you want to create and use it to maintain current customers while obtaining new customers. Due to the stimulation of modern media people are more inclined to visual media. I recommend that you develop visually enticing media to stay a float in the over flooded newsfeeds.


Make sure everything flows smoothly

If you are an online personal trainer you will most likely have a website or a webpage that you use to promote or sell your services. To have a healthy CTR (Click Through Rate), you should make sure your online platforms run smoothly without any hiccups. This can be hard because the Internet is a temperamental mistress. Just think about how many times you have clicked off a webpage if it hasn’t loaded within 5 seconds. We are the most important generation of consumer to ever exist and their impatience is going to exists in the proceeding generations. 

You can do this by making it mobile friendly, extinguishing any broken links and updating it frequently with new content, pages and design. It will also be worth investing in an efficient and fast web server.


Provide a free sample

As a personal trainer you will be selling fitness commodities through your own personal brand. You may be selling equipment, nutritional goods and workout plans. It is important that you provide a free incentive to first time customers. This makes a customer more open to making present purchases and future purchases. Furthermore, as a personal trainer you will be selling personal trainer plans. You want to put a lot of effort into making these plans easy to read and emulate.  You don’t want to confuse your reader. This is why you should perfect your products practicality. Then you can make them look professional with a fine finish. Your first sale is the most important because that defines a customer’s opinion of your brand.

These are just a few tips that you can take into account when starting your online personal trainer business.  If you want to go into more detail regarding the practices of online personal trainers you can follow this link. This article provides a structured plan that will support any personal trainer in starting an online business venture.

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