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Build a strong chest

How to Build a strong chest without any machines or weights??

Is it possible?
How about the old fashioned push-up!!

Yes, in some ways pushups are even more effective than a bench press. A pushup is referred to as a closed-chain exercise, meaning you move your body through space, instead of using a bar.
In order to make all that happen, you need to engage your core muscles to stabilize your torso. This means you use about 75% of your own body weight during each rep, while targeting your chest, shoulders, triceps, and your core.
This movement works a lot more muscles than you would by bench press alone.

Pushups also can be done in many creative ways!!

• Vary the distance your hands are apart
    o The wider the hand position - outer chest
    o The closer the hand position - inner chest

• Do pushups in an incline or decline position
    o Use a bench - incline or decline position
    o Use a stability ball - more stabilization required

• Vary Technique of Pushup
    o Use one arm
    o Clap between reps
    o Use round dumbbells to force you to stabilize

• Advanced Techniques
    o Incline Pushup on using stability ball - full body weight and balance
    o Decline Pushup with feet on stability ball
    o Decline Pushup with feet on stability ball, hands holding dumbbells

So if you don't have weights don't fret'.. Your own body weight with a little creativity will develop the chest you have always wanted.. Toned, Tight and Defined..

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